Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the customer receive the bear?

The bear will be delivered within 10 days from receipt of your order. Delivery or transit times of your bear may vary depending on the delivery address.

2. Can we rush through an order?

My Birthday Teddy™ needs time to create the embroidery, stuff and make the bear before carefully packing and shipping your teddy so please plan for a 10 day delivery time.

3. What can be embroidered on the bear’s paw?

My Birthday Teddy™ was originally developed to celebrate birthdays so the majority of our orders have the name of the recipient and their birth date. Some people like to order the bear to celebrate other occasions such as wedding anniversaries or other special events. We are able to fit as many names/words as possible provided each line on the order form does not exceed 15 characters, including spaces.

4. Can you embroider on both feet?

On special occasions we can arrange embroidery on both paws for an additional charge of £6.99 (£29.99 for the teddy, plus £6.99 for the extra paw). Please contact the My Birthday Teddy™ Team via email at to place this special order.

5. Can we send bears internationally?

Currently we are only sending bears from this site to addresses in the UK and Ireland. Please check back soon for international postage updates. To send bears to addresses outside of the UK please visit –

7. What if we want to order more than one My Birthday Teddy™?

Everyone loves My Birthday Teddy™. If you have more than one child, several grandchildren, numerous nieces or nephews, godchildren, friends – whoever, you can order as many My Birthday Teddies as you need. You need to go through Steps 1 to 3 for each teddy – as they are all unique, and you need to select the appropriate delivery option for each bear. Note: Each bear goes in its own special box so we can’t combine more than one into one box. When you get to Step 3 just continue shopping until you have all the My Birthday Teddies you need. Once you have finished shopping, select Proceed to Payment.

If you are ordering a number of teddies with different delivery options, you will need to make separate orders ie. two different delivery addresses, you will need to complete each order separately as you can only select one shipping option. You can make this process quicker by setting up your own account here or by clicking on My Account at the top of the screen.

8. Can I come and pick up my My Birthday Teddy™?

Sorry, we don’t have the facilities to hold My Birthday Teddies for pickup.